What about plants? They're alive, too.

True, but unlike animals, plants are not sentient. It's an important distinction because sentience brings with it the ability to suffer.

If I cut a cow with a knife, it will feel pain. It has nerves which sense and respond to the pain. If I cut a cucumber with a knife, it will feel nothing. It has no nerves.

Throughout the course of a day, a cucumber may do various things which seem analogous to the actions of a sentient creature (e.g.) moving, etc..., but it's a mistake to equate the two. A cow walks from A to B because it wants to. A cucumber moves from A to B as a response to stimuli. It doesn't move closer to the sun because it's cold or wants to get a suntan; it moves closer to the sun as a non-conscious response to its environment.

A cucumber (like all plants) is alive; however, unlike a cow, it isn't sentient. It can't see, hear, taste, smell, or feel anything. It has no spine. It has no central nervous system. There is absolutely no scientific reason to believe that any kind of plant is capable of suffering.

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