April 28, 2013

Today's blog is about veggie dogs. I like veggie dogs very much. As a matter of fact, I love them. I eat one almost every morning for breakfast.

Over the years I've tried a lot of different kinds, Yves, Tufurky, Veggie Patch. I must have eaten a thousand packages of Zoglos veggie dogs back in the 90's when I still ate eggs. And do you know what? They were all delicious. However, they all did, and still do, have one thing in common. They're all largely made of soy.

I like soy. I eat some pretty much every day, but recently I've been thinking maybe I should try to cut down on it a bit. I'm worried that if my man boobs get any bigger I won't be able to see my belt anymore. Just kidding. I don't wear a belt. ;)

I'm not sure when Field Roast arrived in Canada. I first noticed them a couple of months ago at Market Organics. They're good, and unlike their competitors, they make their sausages out of wheat gluten instead of soy. I've tried three flavors now; Italian, Smoked Apple Sage, and the one in the picture above, Mexican Chipotle. I thought the Smoked Apple Sage was a little bland, but the Italian and Mexican Chipotle are both really yummy!

You can buy Field Roast veggie dogs at Market Organics on York Street, Rainbow Natural Foods on Richmond Road, and at Herb & Spice. Give em' a shot!

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