Don't you miss cheese though?

I really think cheese is like some kind of culinary narcotic; pretty much everyone on earth loves it, and it seems to be the one animal product that vegans miss the most. I know it's the thing I miss the most. That being said, I don't miss it nearly as much as I thought I would. I think two things can explain why.

The first is that one day I accidently educated myself about dairy farming. I was surfing the web and stumbled upon an interview with this random guy talking about the dairy industry. I did some research and realized that what he was saying is true. Dairy cows are, in many ways, the most abused and exploited of all domesticated animals. For information on the abusive nature of the dairy industry click here.

I guess once you know something you can’t unknow it. Learning about the dairy industry changed the way I viewed dairy products. It forced me to ask myself how I can continue to justify eating these products knowing the abuse it took to produce them. I couldn’t think of a good answer.

The second reason giving up cheese was so easy is that I discovered I didn't really need to. The reason was simple: Daiya and Mad Faux-Cheese

These are just two examples. There are a lot of great vegan cheeses nowadays. Mad Faux-Cheese (top 2 pics) is a small independent line that you can only find in Ottawa. Their cheese is cashew based and there are currently three flavors: Brie, Smoked Gouda, and Sun Dried Tomato and Basil. I’ve tried the Brie and Smoked Gouda, and I can honestly say they are the best vegan cheeses I’ve ever eaten. They taste almost identical to the real thing. It's creepy actually, but in a good way! Daiya (bottom 2 pics) is a large American company, and you can find their products in almost any health food store and many large chain stores as well.

So, for me, I think a big reason I don't miss cheese that much is because Daiya and Mad Faux-Cheese are a pretty good substitute. They're close enough to real cheese that when I get a craving I can grab a block or a bag and voila, problem solved!

Give them a shot. You may soon find, as I did, that with some info about dairy cows in your brain and Daiya or Mad Faux-Cheese in your fridge, giving up cheese is a whole lot easier.

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